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The application is mainly used for Features Films, TV shows and Commercials. OutlookMovie allows the film crew to easily synchronize their work collaboratively.

Production companies purchase an OutlookMovie license per film without any time restriction. Access to the application is controlled by the administrator – normally Line Producer and/or Production Coordinator. Please contact us.

OutlookMovie contains a Breakdown and Scheduling program and easily stores All Docs: Schedules, Casting lists, Call Sheets, Production Reports, online Purchase Orders and much more.
All uploaded data are the property of the license holder.


Producers and Directors

Maintain your line of communication with your crew at anytime and anywhere.

Line Producers and Casting Directors

Speed up your negotiations with acombined schedule and detailed cast list.

Unit Production Managers and Assistant Directors

OutlookMovie creates Callsheets and and runs an On-line Progress Report system. It also creates an online user-friendly Schedule and Breakdown which allows the AD team to work interactively, on the same live document enabling the crew to be informed as quickly as required.

Crew Members

Take advantage of the unlimited database system and share all files including text documents, images, videos and sound recordings on the OutlookMovie application.

Co-ordinators and Production Assistants

The cast, the crew and the suppliers are all one click away – either by Email or SMS.


Create your Purchase Orders online and manage your cost reports and budgets.

Extras Managers

Take advantage of your unlimited database system to manage on-line your extras and to provide contracts.

OutlookMovie was founded and launched in 2006 by Marc Jenny who has worked for 15 years in TV and Film as a Producer, Line Producer or 1st AD.

“The idea came to me in 2004 and the first version of the site was set up in 2006 whilst I was working on the movie “La Vie En Rose”. Until now, every technician and department had its own folder and it was laborious to exchange information. Now everyone can have access to information concerning them, in the limits of its access rights.”
(Marc Jenny in EcranTotal August 2012)

Since then OutlookMovie has been developed by Marc Jenny and Alex Tuzar who are constantly improving this innovative solution. They stay in tune with the Production Crews to always offer user friendly solutions based on the collaboratively potential that web technology can offer.

The centralization of information limits the use of paper and OutlookMovie has received the “Ecoprod” label, which aims at reducing the environmental impact of the film industry.


The main commitments of OutlookMovie

In general, OutlookMovie is committed to complying with the applicable regulations, and includes internal procedures so as to embrace the basic principles of data protection:
  • Collect only data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes,
  • Collect only the data necessary for the pursued purposes,
  • Process these data in a lawful, fair and transparent manner,
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date,
  • Take all technical and organizational measures to ensure data security, protect them from unauthorized or unlawful processing, loss and destruction.

Your rights on your personal data

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have rights to your personal data:
  • access rights to your data,
  • right to rectify your data,
  • the right to oppose the processing (for example, asking to stop receiving emails),
  • right to withdraw your consent,
  • right to erase your data,
  • right of limitation of the processing (your data is not deleted but we make it unavailable),
  • portability right (you receive a file with the data that you have entrusted to us, or you request us to transmit this file directly to a third party).

You can exercise these rights on request
by mail to
Kříženeckého nám. 322
152 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

or by email